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DOCKLANDS CHESS-Poplar Rapid Tournament

Major - Under 2000

Venue: Langley Hall, St.Nicholas Church Centre, Poplar. E14 0QD
Federation: England
Timings: Rapid Play 25 mins, plus increment of 5 secs/move
Rounds: 6
Cross Table


Pairings for round: 1 2 3 4 5 6 
1Tim L ROGERS1739118171Db4+w3+b2-w8+b6+w5+56516314.790.2117.021.017.00
2Michael PL INZANI1648113382Cw10+b6+w1+b3-w7-b9+46415954.73-0.7316.020.013.00
3Mikael BELAY1307355931Cbye+b1-w7+w2+b5-w6+45316691.411.5914.018.510.00
4David C HELSBY1365112479Bw1-b12+w8+b6-w11+b7+46415762.641.3612.016.08.00
5Lewis MUSGRAVE1286284242Hw8=b7+w6-b10+w3+b1-616121.991.5113.020.010.75
6Davi DINIZ AFONSO1435343840Fb12+w2-b5+w4+w1-b3-36316413.50-0.5013.020.57.50
7Paul HADDOCK1234101814Ab11+w5-b3-w12+b2+w4-36315022.280.7211.018.06.50
8Oliver FINNEGAN1582122453Ab5=w9+b4-b1-w10+b11-615174.32-1.8210.020.06.75
9Stephen W BERKLEY1536106651Bbye=b8-w10=w11=b12+w2-5215572.80-0.808.511.52.50
10Karam Singh BALAGGAN1290315341Bb2-w11+b9=w5-b8-w12+615722.200.308.015.03.75
11Jimmy Yiming WANG1539340143Bw7-b10-w12+b9=b4-w8+615660.551.956.514.53.75
12Aryan GOHIL1222306938Cw6-w4-b11-b7-w9-b10-060
A = Player's score
B = Number of rated opponents played (N).
C = Score against rated opponents (W).
D = Average rating of rated opponents (Rc). Not shown for unrated players if B is less than 3 or Score is less than 1.
E = Rated players: Sum of expected score for each rated opponent (We).
F = Rated players: Actual score less expected score.
F = Unrated players: Performance rating.
T1 = Tie Break using Sum Of Progressive Scores
T2 = Tie Break using Buchholz
T3 = Tie Break using Sonneborn Berger