EJCA GP4 2017

U18 Minor

Federation: England
Venue: Colchester
Timings: 25 mins to completion plus an additional 10 secs for each move
Rounds: 6
Cross Table


Pairings for round: 1 2 3 4 5 6 
1Ethan Yau85A303357Ab5+w2+b3=b4+w7+bye+556311319.0
2Madison B Bowden46F307822Lw7+b1-w6+bye+b9+w3+554869716.0
3Jonathan Cheung83A299375Cw8+b10+w1=b5+w4=b2-464848117.0
4Joe Stanley82D284342Aw9+b6=bye+w1-b3=w5+454088214.5
5Unnabhv Maheshwari69A304359Kw1-b8+w10+w3-b6+b4-364177011.0
6Isha Aggarwal-Stanbridge79A299358Cbye=w4=b2-bye+w5-b10+34186479.5
7Cameron Parish83B299373Kb2-bye-b9+w8+b1-bye+34233588.0
8Jishnu R Rajaram59A298119Bb3-w5-bye+b7-w10=w9+5173356.0
9Asci-Khela Catabay0D298999Cb4-bye+w7-b10+w2-b8-251028.0
10Sean Panditharatna0301349Cw3-b5-w9-b8=w6-½5-40-81.0
A = Player's score
B = Number of graded games played
C = Total grading points
D = Estimated Grading performance
T = Tie Break using Sum Of Progressive Scores