Basildon Junior Chess Congress 2017

Under 6 & 8

Federation: England
Venue: Kingswood Primary School, Clay Hill Road, Basildon, SS16 5DE
Timings: 20 mins to completion plus an additional 10 secs for each move
Cross Table


Pairings for round: 1 2 3 4 5 6 
1Max Pert81299356Kw72w74+1191911.0
2Max Pert81299356K     
3Max Pert81299356K     
4Max Pert81299356K     
5Max Pert81299356K     
6Max Pert81299356K     
7Max Pert81299356K     
8Max Pert81299356K     
9Max Pert81299356K     
10Max Pert81299356K     
11Max Pert81299356K     
12Akhilan Balasundaram78307351J     
13Akhilan Balasundaram78307351J     
14Akhilan Balasundaram78307351J     
15Akhilan Balasundaram78307351J     
16Akhilan Balasundaram78307351J     
17Akhilan Balasundaram78307351J     
18Akhilan Balasundaram78307351J     
19Akhilan Balasundaram78307351J     
20Akhilan Balasundaram78307351J     
21Akhilan Balasundaram78307351J     
22Akhilan Balasundaram78307351Jb84     
23Supratik Chandaka38308973D     
24Supratik Chandaka38308973D     
25Supratik Chandaka38308973D     
26Supratik Chandaka38308973D     
27Supratik Chandaka38308973D     
28Supratik Chandaka38308973D     
29Supratik Chandaka38308973D     
30Supratik Chandaka38308973D     
31Supratik Chandaka38308973D     
32Supratik Chandaka38308973D     
33Supratik Chandaka38308973Dw94     
34Aryan Gohil36306938Cb115     
35Aryan Gohil36306938C     
36Aryan Gohil36306938C     
37Aryan Gohil36306938C     
38Aryan Gohil36306938C     
39Aryan Gohil36306938C     
40Aryan Gohil36306938C     
41Aryan Gohil36306938C     
42Aryan Gohil36306938C     
43Aryan Gohil36306938C     
44Aryan Gohil36306938C     
45Aryan Gohil36306938C     
46Aryan Gohil36306938Cw112     
47Aryan Gohil36306938C     
48Aryan Gohil36306938C     
49Aryan Gohil36306938C     
50Aryan Gohil36306938C     
51Aryan Gohil36306938C     
52Aryan Gohil36306938C     
53Aryan Gohil36306938C     
54Mae Catabay25307566H     
55Mae Catabay25307566H     
56Mae Catabay25307566H     
57Mae Catabay25307566H     
58Mae Catabay25307566H     
59Mae Catabay25307566H     
60Mae Catabay25307566H     
61Mae Catabay25307566H     
62Mae Catabay25307566Hb114     
63Mae Catabay25307566H     
64Annie Chang7306727A     
65Annie Chang7306727A     
66Annie Chang7306727A     
67Annie Chang7306727A     
68Annie Chang7306727A     
69Annie Chang7306727A     
70Annie Chang7306727A     
71Annie Chang7306727A     
72Annie Chang7306727Ab1     
73Annie Chang7306727A     
74Arianna G Gohil3D307565Fb1-01-7-70.0
75Abilash Saravanan1306701E     
76Abilash Saravanan1306701E     
77Abilash Saravanan1306701E     
78Abilash Saravanan1306701E     
79Abilash Saravanan1306701E     
80Abilash Saravanan1306701E     
81Abilash Saravanan1306701E     
82Abilash Saravanan1306701E     
83Abilash Saravanan1306701E     
84Abilash Saravanan1306701Ew22     
85Laurelle Asare0306642D     
86Laurelle Asare0306642D     
87Laurelle Asare0306642D     
88Laurelle Asare0306642D     
89Laurelle Asare0306642D     
90Laurelle Asare0306642D     
91Laurelle Asare0306642D     
92Laurelle Asare0306642D     
93Laurelle Asare0306642D     
94Laurelle Asare0306642Db33     
95Rezin C Catabay0308587K     
96Rezin C Catabay0308587K     
97Rezin C Catabay0308587K     
98Rezin C Catabay0308587K     
99Rezin C Catabay0308587K     
100Rezin C Catabay0308587K     
101Rezin C Catabay0308587K     
102Rezin C Catabay0308587K     
103Rezin C Catabay0308587K     
104Andy He0     
105Andy He0     
106Andy He0     
107Andy He0     
108Andy He0     
109Andy He0     
110Andy He0     
111Andy He0     
112Andy He0b46     
113Andy He0     
114Max Maurus0w62     
115Rezin C Catabay0D308587Kw34     
A = Player's score
B = Number of graded games played
C = Total grading points
D = Estimated Grading performance
T = Tie Break using Sum Of Progressive Scores