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DOCKLANDS CHESS-Poplar Rapid Tournament

Major - Under 2000

Venue: Langley Hall, St.Nicholas Church Centre, Poplar. E14 0QD
Federation: England
Timings: Rapid Play 25 mins, plus increment of 5 secs/move
Round dates and times are for guidance only
Cross Table


Pairings for round: 1 2 3 4 5 6 
1Tim L ROGERS1856118171Db2+w14+b7+w5+b4+b6+65517763.631.3721.020.020.00
2Kushal JAKHRIA1633340047Fw1-b11+w13+b8+w3+b4+55417772.491.5115.020.514.50
3Mohammad H MOZAFFARI1611269845Gb5-w12+b14+w7+b2-w8+45317232.680.3213.018.09.50
4Oleksandr KYRYCHOK1655351874Hbye+w6+b5=b9+w1-w2-518111.501.0016.021.08.25
5Robert C STERN1822282664Bw3+b9+w4=b1-w6-b11+517533.57-1.0714.022.511.25
6Matthew H SHAW1706155670Jw11+b4-w8=b14+b5+w1-418281.87-0.3713.019.58.50
7John P ALLEN1584132496Cw8=b13+w1-b3-w14+b9+517662.250.2511.018.57.00
8David J MILLWARD1724115575Bb7=w15+b6=w2-w12+b3-36316513.89-0.8912.019.06.50
9Samzu AGBAJE1684282011Ab12+w5-b15+w4-b10+w7-36316152.870.1312.016.56.00
10Jonathan PIRES1334330347Ab14-bye+w11=b13=w9-b12+3315771.400.109.510.04.00
11Alexander WRAY1400193015Bb6-w2-b10=bye+w13+w5-51759 16107.016.53.00
12Karam S BALAGGAN1275315341Bw9-b3-bye+w15+b8-w10-25116241.20-
13Hugh F FENWICK1694267281Kb15-w7-b2-w10=b11-w14+4½16222.55-2.052.516.02.50
14Kai En CHONG1689353976Dw10+b1-w3-w6-b7-b13-1611756 14836.021.53.00
15Paul HADDOCK1359101814Aw13+b8-w9-b12-14116281.10-
A = Player's score
B = Number of rated opponents played (N).
C = Score against rated opponents (W).
D = Average rating of rated opponents (Rc). Not shown for unrated players if B is less than 3 or Score is less than 1.
E = Rated players: Sum of expected score for each rated opponent (We).
F = Rated players: Actual score less expected score.
F = Unrated players: Performance rating.
T1 = Tie Break using Sum Of Progressive Scores
T2 = Tie Break using Buchholz
T3 = Tie Break using Sonneborn Berger