West of England Chess Union (71st)


Federation: FIDE
Date:30/03/2018 to 02/04/2018
Venue: Manor Hotel, Exmouth, EX8 2AG
Timings: Standard Play 90 mins to completion plus an additional 30 secs for each move
Round dates and times are for guidenace only and may change
Tournament Entry


1Annetts, Ivor SENG1885420557
2Burton, RonnieENG1920408441
3Dimond, Peter D1705
4Foley, Phil TENG1717415871
5Forster, James Connor CRSA181214309343
6Gamble, Raymond JENG1904406066
7Halvorsen, BenjaminNOR15941516604
8Headlong, FenellaENG1683418650
9Hibbitt, Arthur MENG1768409405
10Jackson, Paul AENG1788
11Jackson, Paul GENG1807468614
12Morgan, Jamie1818
13Nyman, John CHENG1801403482
14Page, Martin CENG1795418382
15Price, AndrewENG1747416126
16Roberts, Malcolm AENG1629404578
17Robertson, JimSCO16502403471
18Sellwood, Colin1818
19Watson, Darrell AENG1703420476
20Wilson, Matthew RENG1830423459
21Woodward, Tim FENG1914425001