UTU Results Service

Berkshire Junior Chess


Venue: Nine Mile Ride School, Wokingham
Federation: England
Tournament Director: Keith Tunstall
Chief Arbiter: Pradeep Rao
Timings: Rapid Play 10 mins, plus increment of 5 secs/move
Rounds: 6
Cross Table


Pairings for round: 1 2 3 4 5 6 
1Luca Parkes1272340995Jb6+w4+b2+w3=b7=w5+5410562.870.631.0017.00
2Arya Maheshwaran1275319957Fw8+b5+w1-w7+b4+b6+5439643.30-0.300.0010.50
3Daniel Hu1152329745Hw9+b8+w5-b1=w6+b7+39951.99-0.490.006.00
4Darsh Gujrati882321686Lbye+b1-w6+b5+w2-w8+44210691.180.820.005.00
5Adhiraj Patil924P353503Eb7+w2-b3+w4-b8+b1-35210721.680.320.006.00
6Ritvik Garine0w1-b7+b4-w8+b3-w2-2511072 8320.001.50
7Robin Willoughby0363757Jw5-w6-b8+b2-w1=w3-51082 9330.002.50
8Nulan Aluthwaththa826350937Ab2-w3-w7-b6-w5-b4-040   0.000.00
9Aleksander Piasliak0b3-000  0.000.00
A = Player's score
B = Number of rated opponents played (N).
C = Score against rated opponents (W).
D = Average rating of rated opponents (Rc). Not shown for unrated players if B is less than 3 or Score is less than 1.
E = Rated players: Sum of expected score for each rated opponent (We).
F = Rated players: Actual score less expected score.
F = Unrated players: Performance rating.
T1 = Tie Break using Direct Encounter
T2 = Tie Break using Sonneborn Berger