UTU Results Service

SJC Hastings Grand Prix

U11 Major

Venue: Horntye Park, Hastings
Federation: England
Tournament Director: Jonathan Tuck
Chief Arbiter: Jonathan Tuck
Timings: Rapid Play 25 mins, plus increment of 5 secs/move
Rounds: 6
Cross Table


Pairings for round: 1 2 3 4 5 6 
1Joshua Gedge1277A343448Fb8+w5+b2+w3+w4+b7=69205.250.2520.5
2Nathanael Waller1094A350170Lw7+b4+w1-b8+b3+w5=69504.070.4316.5
3Magnus Gomez979A346057Fb6+w8+b5+b1-w2-w9+4649233.430.5716.0
4Iaroslav Sinkevich888K359996Gbye+w2-b9+w7=b1-w8+59492.220.2812.5
5Harry Morter898A351412Cw9+b1-w3-bye+b6+b2=59562.210.2911.5
6Timmy Nguyen717K360226Gw3-b7+w8-b9+w5-bye+3528501.640.369.0
7Darcy Grayson820P361748Jb2-w6-bye+b4=w9+w1=3529381.950.058.0
8Eliza Blin840A321589Bw1-b3-b6+w2-bye+b4-2519911.68-0.686.0
9Maria Bhattacharyya713A352121Hb5-bye+w4-w6-b7-b3-1508601.55-1.555.0
A = Player's score
B = Number of rated opponents played (N).
C = Score against rated opponents (W).
D = Average rating of rated opponents (Rc). Not shown for unrated players if B is less than 3 or Score is less than 1.
E = Rated players: Sum of expected score for each rated opponent (We).
F = Rated players: Actual score less expected score.
F = Unrated players: Performance rating.
T1 = Tie Break using Sum Of Progressive Scores