Basildon Junior Chess Congress 2017

Under 12

Federation: England
Venue: Kingswood Primary School, Clay Hill Road, Basildon, SS16 5DE
Timings: 20 mins to completion plus an additional 10 secs for each move
Cross Table


Pairings for round: 1 2 3 4 5 6 
1Anum Sheikh137294266F     
2Anum Sheikh137294266F     
3Anum Sheikh137294266Fw49     
4Joshua John135301003L     
5Joshua John135301003L     
6Joshua John135301003Lb51     
7Adam John124295344E     
8Adam John124295344E     
9Adam John124295344Ew53     
10Ethan Yau106303357A     
11Ethan Yau106303357A     
12Ethan Yau106303357Ab55     
13Hou Ning Zhu106300907F     
14Hou Ning Zhu106300907F     
15Hou Ning Zhu106300907Fw57     
16Oren Pilowsky Bankirer97300902G     
17Oren Pilowsky Bankirer97300902G     
18Oren Pilowsky Bankirer97300902Gb59     
19Lakshan Siddharth95295493L     
20Lakshan Siddharth95295493L     
21Lakshan Siddharth95295493Lw61     
22Fraser Caves92299367D     
23Fraser Caves92299367D     
24Fraser Caves92299367Db63     
25Olga Latypova83302637B     
26Olga Latypova83302637B     
27Olga Latypova83302637Bw65     
28Chiba Hara-Ezeugo78303248G     
29Chiba Hara-Ezeugo78303248G     
30Chiba Hara-Ezeugo78303248Gb68     
31Matthew Davis74300672E     
32Matthew Davis74300672E     
33Matthew Davis74300672Ew69     
34Dylan Summers74303354F     
35Dylan Summers74303354F     
36Dylan Summers74303354Fb70     
37Alex Driscoll73291951F     
38Alex Driscoll73291951F     
39Alex Driscoll73291951Fw66     
40Benedict Heath71300675L     
41Benedict Heath71300675L     
42Jake Horton70303355H     
43Jake Horton70303355H     
44Jake Horton70303355Hw71     
45Stewart Day68302643H     
46Stewart Day68302643H     
47Stewart Day68302643H     
48Ayub Mourad68289244D     
49Ayub Mourad68289244Db3     
50Mickey Maurus66306646A     
51Mickey Maurus66306646Aw6     
52Adhvaith Badhrinath62302964F     
53Adhvaith Badhrinath62302964Fb9     
54Dmitry Molostvov61302644K     
55Dmitry Molostvov61302644Kw12     
56Taymour Auchi60302733J     
57Taymour Auchi60302733Jb15     
58Y Ben Chang51306170L     
59Y Ben Chang51306170Lw18     
60Olivia C Caves46307381G     
61Olivia C Caves46307381Gb21     
62Alice Rosanna White37299351L     
63Alice Rosanna White37299351Lw24     
64Kaya L Crawford36307806B     
65Kaya L Crawford36307806Bb27     
66Anushka Gunaratne6F307809Hb39     
67Malachi Boone0302640B     
68Malachi Boone0302640Bw30     
69Liam Czop0312846Fb33     
70Dominique Granger0312202Fw36     
71Danushnan Sri Gowribalan0b44     
A = Player's score
B = Number of graded games played
C = Total grading points
D = Estimated Grading performance
T = Tie Break using Sum Of Progressive Scores