Bucks Megafinal 2018

Under 7

Federation: England
Venue: Wycombe High School
Timings: 25 mins to completion
Rounds: 6
Cross Table


Pairings for round: 1 2 3 4 5 6 
1Luke Allamby0w5+b8+w3+b2+w6=w4=56200330
2Lee Evers0b7=w4+b6=w1-b11+w5+46100170
3Emre Bromhead0b9+w10+b1-w6=b5-w11+65080
4Joshua Dillon0w6=b2-w8+b7=w9+b1=65080
5Tomas King Bravo0b1-w12+b10+w9=w3+b2-65080
6Kanishka Suriarachchi0b4=w7+w2=b3=b1=w8=65080
7Arthur Thomas0w2=b6-w11+w4=b8=b12+65080
8Adam Hayes0b12+w1-b4-w10+w7=b6=36000
9Nayan Nagi0w3-b11=w12+b5=b4-w10+36000
10George Fairburn0w11+b3-w5-b8-w12+b9-26-100-170
11Tula Tinkler0b10-w9=b7-b12+w2-b3-6-150-250
12Eleanor Ziegler-Tan0w8-b5-b9-w11-b10-w7-06-300-500
A = Player's score
B = Number of graded games played
C = Total grading points
D = Estimated Grading performance
T = Tie Break using Direct Encounter