BJCA Maidenhead Open

Under 11

Federation: England
Venue: Claires Court
Timings: 20 mins to completion plus an additional 5 secs for each move
Rounds: 5
Cross Table


Pairings for round: 1 2 3 4 5 
1Josh Sharma107A307395Gbye+w5+b3+w4+b2=448712210.75
2Shree Rao73A306952Hb4+w3=b5=w6+w1=550510110.25
3Seyon Rajeev-Lazar107A303203Gw6+b2=w1-w7+bye+4364914.75
4James Kingham68A308972Bw2-b7+w6+b1-w5+35381765.50
5Mykhailo Gryva89D313426Lw7+b1-w2=bye+b4-4247622.75
6Akshita Saxena34C304594Jb3-bye+b4-b2-w7+24115291.00
7Abeer Gogia0b5-w4-bye+b3-b6-14-46-120.00
8Ronak Dora0     
9Joshika Manikandan0     
A = Player's score
B = Number of graded games played
C = Total grading points
D = Estimated Grading performance
T = Tie Break using Sonneborn Berger