CCF Autumn RP 2019

U1600 (E 226165)

Federation: FIDE
Venue: CCF
Arbiter: Daniel (415430) Gliddon
Timings: 20 mins
Round dates and times are for guidenace only
Cross Table


Pairings for round: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 
1Phil T FoleyENG1567415871b4-w18+b10+w5+w3+b6+w2=713994.970.5320.5
2Oliver FaulknerENG1326454338b6-w16+b18+bye=w4+w10+b1=5614182.332.1718.5
3Tamal K MatilalENG1401436259bye+w4=b13+w7+b1-w9+b5-614152.900.6021.0
4Adam FaulknerENG1339454320w1+b3=w8=bye=b2-w13+b7+6414532.101.9017.5
5Patrick DamodaranENG1288465429w8+b11+w6-b1-b13=w14+w3+714691.892.6117.5
6Jamie J WoodENG1528446238w2+b9=b5+w12=bye=w1-b10=4614203.83-0.3319.0
7Martin E NewmanENG1452484512w15=b14+w9=b3-w18+b12+w4-47413414.54-0.5417.0
8David J HowesENG1479406147b5-w17+b4=w13=b10-w11+w12+47414074.14-0.1413.5
9AG (Tony) BynnersleyENG1352427020bye+w6=b7=b14=w12+b3-514172.060.4417.5
10Andrew C WilsonENG1593452076w17+b12-w1-b16+w8+b2-w6=713855.18-1.6814.5
11Steve LeveyENG1508429511b18=w5-bye=b15+w14=b8-w17+6313184.45-1.4512.5
12Stephen RumseyENG1394485624w16+w10+bye=b6=b9-w7-b8-3614282.71-0.2117.5
13Barry S MilesENG1492415880w14=b15+w3-b8=w5=b4-b16=37313224.99-1.9913.5
14Sen PatelENG130864300471b13=w7-b17+w9=b11=b5-bye=3613882.380.1212.5
15Gregory M CharlesENG1277457400b7=w13-b16=w11-w17-b18+bye+36213622.37-0.379.0
16Cian WardENG1163475599b12-b2-w15=w10-bye+b17-w13=26113861.43-0.436.0
17Delroy BennettENG1237460320b10-b8-w14-w18-b15+w16+b11-27213782.31-0.315.0
18Zachary BelcherENG1317486175w11=b1-w2-b17+b7-w15-613942.42-0.927.5
A = Player's score
B = Number of rated opponents played (N).
C = Score against rated opponents (W).
D = Average rating of rated opponents (Rc). Not shown for unrated players if B is less than 3 or Score is less than 1.
E = Rated players: Sum of expected score for each rated opponent (We).
F = Rated players: Actual score less expected score. This must be multiplied by K to get change of rating.
F = Unrated players: FIDE Performance rating.
K = 25 for up to 30 FIDE rated games, K = 15 until rating reaches 2400, then K = 10.
T1 = Tie Break using Sum Of Progressive Scores