Federation: England
Date:17/08/2018 to 19/08/2018
Venue: St George's School Broadstairs
Timings: 90 mins to completion plus an additional 30 secs for each move
Pairings for Round 2


Cross Table Pairings for Round: 1 2 3 4 5 
Board White  Result Black  
112Gregory, Colin G119A[1]1 - 01Bullock, Lee128A[1]
22Alexander, Ken RD127C[1]1 - 011Stone, Mark R120A[1]
317Brockwell, Lee118B[1]0 - 16Blencowe, Ian P123A[1]
47Arnold, Paul M123D[1]1 - 018Stock, William117A[1]
525Faulkner, Adam108A[1]½ - ½8Orr, David122C[1]
619Welsh, David116B[½]½ - ½10Foxon, Geoffrey A121B[½]
723Maurus, Mickey111A[½]½ - ½13Jefferies, Tyrone R119A[½]
824Jones, Michael R110B[½]1 - 016Headlong, Georgia118A[½]
922Le Baigue, Clive J111A[0]1 - 04Ratnesan, Radha124A[0]
105Maton, James J124F[0]0 - 115Couzens, John R118A[0]
119Burney-Cumming, Michael122E[0]0 - 121Holdstock, Anthony J112D[0]
1214Hadley, Derek W119B[0]1 - 026Twigg, Robert77A[0]
1320Johnson, Paul116D[0]1 - 0