Somerset New Year 18

Intermediate U145

Federation: England
Date:13/01/2018 to 14/01/2018
Venue: Walton Park Hotel Clevedon
Timings: First 36 moves in 90 mins, then 15 mins to completion

Pairings for Round 4


Cross Table Pairings for Round: 1 2 3 4 5 
Board White  Result Black  
212Wiltshir, Rich144A[3]0 - 16Williams, Stephen140A[2½]
227Jones, Timothy M137A[2]0 - 18Parsons, Robert137A[2½]
231Annetts, Ivor S144A[2]½ - ½17Marston, Alastair JD123B[2]
2421Evans, Alan D121C[2]1 - 011McGeeney, David B134A[2]
253Greenaway, Terence V141A[1½]½ - ½12Land, Peter134[2]
264Sandercock, E Barry141B[1½]0 - 118Dowling, Richard K123E[1½]
2710Macarthur, Duncan M134A[1½]1 - 019Spooner, Keith C122B[1½]
2814Rogers, David R130A[1½]½ - ½22Daly, Grant119A[1½]
2916Fursman, Lynne J127C[1½]1 - 05Ruffle, Alan P141C[1]
300 - 113Blencowe, Ian P131A[½]
3123Fursman, Robert119D[½]0 - 115Livermore, Richard EA129A[0]