East Devon Congress (43rd)


Federation: England
Date:23/02/2018 to 25/02/2018
Venue: Exeter Corn Exchange, Exeter EX1 1BW
Timings: First 40 moves in 100 mins, then 20 mins to completion

Pairings for Round 5


Cross Table Pairings for Round: 1 2 3 4 5 
Board White  Result Black  
1011Archer, David J154A[4]1 - 017Shapland, Roy K139D[3½]
10215Watson, Darrell A145A[3]0 - 12Potter, Mark154C[3]
10310Sellwood, Colin149A[3]1 - 04Bacon, Nicolas152B[3]
1045Best, Matthew152C[3]1 - 09Morgan, Jamie149A[3]
1053Nyman, John CH153C[2½]½ - ½23Levy, Christopher A136A[3]
10618Fewkes, James E138A[2½]½ - ½7Annetts, Ivor S150A[2½]
1078Best, Francis P149C[2½]1 - 016Walker, Max144A[2½]
10822Hamilton, Selwyn LL136C[2½]0 - 16Strong, Chris M151A[2]
10928Cunliffe, Nicholas130A[2]1 - 012Morrison, John V147D[2]
11035Brackner, Paul123A[2]0 - 119Hill, Michael138A[2]
11139Vas, Gino130[2]0 - 121Poyser, Alexander JP137C[2]
11214Turner, David J145A[1½]1 - 025Greenaway, Terence V134A[2]
11336Farina, Mauro121C[1½]1 - 024Southall, Christopher M135[1½]
11429Palmer, Edward John130D[1½]0 - 133Culliford, David125C[1½]
11530Sachdeva, Deepak130[1½]½ - ½34Smith, Richard125D[1½]
11637Peach, Clifford B110A[1]½ - ½13Quinn, Martin145C[1]
11732Marjoram, William T129C[1]0 - 120Wilby, Robert G138A[1]
11826Rogers, David R131A[1]1 - 027Smith, Richard J131A[1]
11931Stanier, John130[0]0 - 138Whittington, Reece W137A[½]