East Devon Congress (43rd)


Federation: England
Date:23/02/2018 to 25/02/2018
Venue: Exeter Corn Exchange, Exeter EX1 1BW
Timings: First 40 moves in 100 mins, then 20 mins to completion

Pairings for Round 2


Cross Table Pairings for Round: 1 2 3 4 5 
Board White  Result Black  
11Rudd, Jack226A[1]1 - 014Wheeler, John F187A[1]
250Paulden, Tim189A[1]½ - ½2Granat, Russell G198A[1]
33Braun, Walter197D[1]0 - 116Helbig, Paul D180C[1]
415Duggan, Michael FG184C[1]½ - ½4Mackle, Dominic196C[1]
55Waddington, Mike P196A[1]1 - 036Waters, Andrew C158A[1]
617de Coverly, Roger D179A[1]½ - ½6Fallowfield, Jeremy R194A[1]
77Garcia, Oscar194A[1]1 - 048Parker, Keith150C[1]
847Hussain, Adam150A[1]0 - 18Tozer, Philip AA193A[1]
910Dilleigh, Stephen P191A[1]1 - 011Weatherlake, John P191E[½]
109Anderson, Peter W192D[½]0 - 134Stinton-Brownbridge, Michael H158A[½]
1135Wang, Yuyang158D[½]0 - 151Stephens, John KF189D[½]
1238Holmes, David J157C[½]0 - 112Bolt, Graham188A[½]
1313O'Neill, Paul A187D[½]1 - 039Ingham, H William157A[½]
1418Lowe, Chris179C[½]½ - ½42Woodruff, Adam C156C[½]
1541Popovic, P Dragi156C[½]0 - 121Littleton, Mark176A[½]
1631Clancy, Martin J161A[½]1 - 019Littlejohns, David P178A[0]
1720Hutchings, Roger M176A[0]1 - 040Lundin, Terje156C[0]
1829Hafstad, Leif164B[0]½ - ½22Hampton, Paul DJ175C[0]
1923Fallowfield, Nicholas173A[0]½ - ½44O'Gorman, Brendan155A[0]
2032Williams, James160[0]½ - ½25Bass, John W170A[0]
2127Forster, James Connor C167A[0]1 - 046Cotterill, Sam152C[0]
2243Keen, Charles E155A[0]½ - ½28Adaway, William164A[0]
2345Page, Martin C155A[0]0 - 130Lee, Anthony KH164A[0]
2433Tello, Yasser159A[½]½ - 0
2437Conway, Alex157A[0]1 - 0
2526Smith, Lynda168C[½]½ - 0