Simon Bartlett Memorial Congress

Under 170 Major

Federation: England
Date:26/01/2018 to 28/01/2018
Venue: Livermead House Hotel, Torquay
Timings: First 36 moves in 90 mins, then 30 mins to completion

Pairings for Round 2


Cross Table Pairings for Round: 1 2 3 4 5 
Board White  Result Black  
1012Taylor, Robert G164A[1]1 - 022Morgan, Jamie146B[1]
1029Goodfellow, Russell R159A[1]1 - 01Burton, Ronnie167C[½]
1033Ingham, H William163A[½]1 - 014Stinton-Brownbridge, Michael H154A[½]
10416Gamble, Raymond J153A[½]½ - ½4Nyman, John CH163C[½]
1056Dean, Steve K161A[½]½ - ½15Best, Matthew154C[½]
10618Page, Martin C152A[½]0 - 17Sivrev, Plamen D161A[½]
10725Williams, Stephen140A[½]½ - ½8Kennedy, Philip161[½]
10820Di-Vetta, Andrew148D[½]0 - 110Brusey, Alan W158C[½]
10911Wang, Yuyang158[½]1 - 024Greenaway, Terence V141A[½]
11012Sellwood, Colin155A[½]1 - 023Annetts, Ivor S144A[½]
11113Gosling, Brian GE154A[½]0 - 117Hibbitt, Arthur M152A[0]
1125Tello, Yasser162A[1]½ - 0
11221Halmkin, Peter E147D[0]1 - 019O'Gorman, Brendan151A[0]