UTU Results Service

Useful Information

Free To Use

The UTU Results Service is free to use for anyone who has purhased UTU Swiss. Tournament details can be automatically sent to the results service for all tournaments which you create on UTU Swiss (unless you turn off the facility). Player and results details are sent to the results service as the details are entered.

If you are connected to the internet as you run a tournament, the results will be uploaded to the UTU Results Service within seconds of you entering them into UTU Swiss. This will enable all participants to see the results and keep track of the tournament. When the pairings for a round are created they are made available within seconds on the results service. All you need is an internet connection!


Potential Issues

To ensure that each of your sections on an tournament are listed under a single header, make sure that the Event Name is the same on all the tournaments so that all sections in a tournament are grouped together on the results servive.

If you dont want a tournament to appear on the UTU Results Service just un-tick the check box on the Tournament details which says 'Display Tournament on the UTU Results Service'.



Before publishing any results to this UTU Results Service you should have permission from the participants to publish the tournament results to the web. The easiest way to do this is to incorporate a paragraph on the entry form that states 'It is a condition of entry to this tournament that the results will be pubished on the internet

If an individual has been included on the results service, and wants to have their details remove, please contact me and I will remove your personal details from this result service.

Please refer to the full privacy policy